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Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, since 1958, has been representing a solid reference point for more than 150 firms, committing itself in the promotion of every single event organized, offering to its Members exclusive services and international visibility.

In particular, many of these services represent a fundamental aspect for the development of the Made in Italy, made famous in the world by prestigious firms and by the events organized by the Camera itself.

Being on the list among the members of Camera Nazionale della Moda, means having the right to various different services that have a close relationship with the most important moments of the fashion system: the fashion shows.

Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana allows its members to have access to the complete press review regarding the events Milano Donna and Milano Uomo, to inclusion in the shows calendar with special rates, to free inclusion in the Milano Moda Main and Milano Moda Design calendar and to access to the official list of accredited journalist and buyers both Italian and foreigners.

The members are supported by giving them space and relevance in the press releases and official communications that are periodically sent to the media. A further advantage is represented by the sending of the studies in the fashion sector that include data of fashion economic trends and market statistics regarding global blue tax-free shopping “Luxury business overview”.

Furthermore Camera Nazionale della Moda puts at the disposal of its members its spaces for press conferences at special rates and also facilitates the search of human resources by giving free access to the rèsumè of the young designers it sponsors.