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FRANCIACORTA: ONE WINE, ONE LAND Franciacorta was born in the vineyards of the moraine hills on the shores of Lake Iseo, in the province of Brescia near Milan. The name identifies not only the wine, but tells of the wonderful area it comes from and its method of production: the classic Franciacorta Method is named to emphasise the uniqueness of this wine, whose specifications are the strictest in the world for its type. In 1995, FRANCIACORTA was the first Italian wine produced exclusively by second fermentation in the bottle to be awarded Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin (DOCG), and in the same year the Franciacorta’s method was recognised, abandoning the expression sparkling wine. Today the la-bel only bears the name Franciacorta, like the Spanish Cava and Champagne. Strict rules yield wines of the highest quality: this is the imperative of the Franciacorta Consortium and its producers, who use only hand-picked noble grape varieties (Chardonnay and/or Pinot Noir, and no more than 50% Pinot Blanc), natural fermentation in the bottle and slow aging and yeast refinement, of not less than 18 months for Brut, 30 for Millesimato and 60 for Reserve. Franciacorta is unique in Italy. In just over 50 years, thanks to the passion and commitment of its producers, it has become one of the most renowned Made in Italy ambassadors in the world. Increasingly in demand not only for special occasions, but also for every day, it is served throughout the meal because the combinations are endless, depending on taste (Brut, Extra Brut, Rosé, Satèn, Pas Doé, Millesimato and Reserve), from traditional Italian dishes to international cuisine. The partnership between Franciacorta and Slow Food Italy implements specific initiatives where good taste and typicality are the hallmarks among the most important purveyors of food and wine. As recogni-tion has grown, Franciacorta has explored new market segments, to place it in the most exclusive high-end product areas. The Consortium cooperates with automakers Maserati, Porsche and Mercedes and has an important partnership with the National Chamber of Italian Fashion. Franciacorta, in fact, will be the official wine at the man and woman fashion shows in Milan for the next three years. It shares with this sector craftsmanship, elegance and quality, distinctive features of Made in Italy.